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It is quite shocking to know that around 42.000 Malaysian Indians do not have Identity Cards even though they were born and grew up in Malaysia. The absence of citizenship has caused various problems to the community.

It denies children access to education. It prevents their parents from getting a job or working legally, and makes people vulnerable to labour exploitation, trafficking in persons, arbitrary arrest and detention, discrimination and other abuses. It denies families’ access to health care, and prevents them from marrying or encouraging illegal marriages. And also prevents them from owning property, opening a bank account or travelling abroad.  In short, living without citizenship poses obstacles to meeting the basic needs and prevents their full participation in society; ultimately they lose their individual ability to exercise their human rights.

People without citizenship have multiple problems. They have children who cannot go to school and will remain illiterate and therefore resorting to crime or engaging in socially unacceptable professions. What transpires next is that they cannot register their marriages, open a bank account; hold a driving licence; obtain a passport and even voting rights., together with Malaysia’s National Registration Department (NRD) is trying to solve this problem. If you know of anyone who is having problems with birth certificate, MyKad or any citizenship related issues, you can submit the persons details online here, and My Indians will try to help in the issue.



  1. S.L.Suresh Kee MALAYSIA

    I am a new comer to this site and I would like to know more about the procedure to help the public in getting welfare services,loan,citizenship,birth certificate,e-kasih programme and any other programme that can benefit the public. tq

  2. Nivetha MALAYSIA

    hi sir/madam

    we are facing some problem with our mykad is due to our race we are born hindu
    but our my kad is shows muslim since few years we trying to change our race but still unable to do so, now all my sister going to married and we can’t register legally. one of my sister is married in our Hindu traditions and now she have 1 boy child (7months old) till today we still un able to take a birth certificate for the baby all this problem comes form our birth certificate some of us in birth certificate is show hindu and some of us is shows muslim. Kindly advise us how to solve this’s not only our future even our childrens future.

    Waiting for your Help!!!
    Thank You,

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