eKasih, the Malaysian government program to help the poor

eKasih logoMalaysian government is running a program to reduce poverty and help Malaysians who are under poverty. The program is called eKasih and has been quite successful so far, according to the government website.

To qualify for eKasih program, families in urban area must be earning below RM1500 and families in rural area must be earning less than RM1000. The criteria might change, so it is best to check the eKasih website (www.ekasih.gov.my) for more details.

Registration for eKasih program can be done online at the eKasih website (www.ekasih.gov.my) or at the nearest district office.

Applicants will be interviewed and if qualified, they will be given financial assistance and other help which are suitable for them.

eKasih program is open to all Malaysians regardless of race. Please help to spread this message to those in need. Register for eKasih online (https://www.ekasih.gov.my/Pendaftaran/Pages/BorangPendaftaranRingkas.aspx).

eKasih website


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